The Bionic Women

Bionic Woman

Saving the world, one job at a time.

The convergence.
From the South came the Dynamo of Recruiting, Gina Peckman sporting 20 years of executive-level recruiting in sales, marketing, finance and operations. Passionate and professional, casual yet hard driving, her experience ran wide and deep. She’d long been a partner and trusted advisor to myriad Fortune 1000 companies, as well as start-ups and mid-size companies.

From the West came Chris Englin with more than two decades of human resources and recruiting experience. She rode in on the momentum of Big Wave Recruiting with a laser-like focus on marketing, PR and HR. With a deep commitment to customer service, she’d held Human Resources leadership roles at such organizations as Nordstrom and Callison Architecture. She’s equally adept at handling big-name and mid-size companies, stealth or start-ups. Her clients value her business perspective, knowledge of human resources, and ability to cut through to just the candidates they want to interview.

When two such forces of nature meet, the result is either fireworks or instant affinity. Gina and Chris immediately recognized one another as kindred spirits, “sisters” of substantial powers. They soon developed the ability to finish one another’s sentences. (Now they seem to communicate almost telepathically.)

Based on mutual respect, complementary specialties and their undying dedication to matching talented professionals with outstanding companies, they decided to ally their powers. They have created Seattle’s ultimate recruiting phenomenon – Seattle Executive Recruiting, a voice for truth and understanding in the Seattle job market. It’s the place to come for innovative approaches and straight talk from senior people. “We’re here to shake it up boys.”

Gina and Chris possess special powers.
When you work with these two, you will soon discover their extraordinary abilities.

Arms of steel
With nearly super-human strength, they can open doors in the most sought after organizations, making connections, and matching talent with positions.

Exceptional brainpower
A scientifically proven attribute among highly intelligent women, simultaneous right brain/left brain activity is clearly evident in both Chris and Gina. By using both the logical and creative sides of their brains at the same time, they combine intellect with uncanny intuition. They understand what others don’t – about companies, cultures, and personalities. That’s why they’re so good at making the match.

Keen eyes
Ever vigilant in spotting opportunities for both candidates and clients, Chris and Gina pierce through the tired and true methods with bold and creative placement strategies. Access to their extensive network of contacts lets you meet the candidates you wish you knew.

Swiftness of foot
Inveterate multi-taskers, they whisk from Bainbridge to Seattle, Tacoma to Woodinville in a virtual blink of an eye. Their speed and responsiveness befuddles competitors, who frequently find themselves left in the dust, exhausted and panting.

The Bionic Recruiters code of ethics:
“We’d never recruit for someone we wouldn’t work for.”
(Dangling participles be damned!) Intensely loyal and excellent relationship builders, Chris and Gina recruit candidates who become clients and then candidates again as executives move through the years and the evolution of their careers.

Ssshh…it’s secret. While most of the work that Chris and Gina do is cloaked in NDA agreements, we can share a few names to give you a taste for the wide spectrum of clients they serve: from Cranium to Hasbro, Gridnetworks to Avenue A/Razorfish, Car Domain to Reader’s Digest, Coinstar to Pepsi, GG&O to Lexis Nexis.
(Editor’s note: The editor is suppressing a deep desire to “dish” about some of the bionic women’s most outrageous recruiting assignments. I’ll just have to leave that to your imagination. Sigh… Suffice it to say: call Gina and Chris with your most challenging assignments. If they haven’t already done it, they know how.)

bionic-woman-2.jpg Bionic Trivia

Michelle Ryan is not a real bionic woman; she just plays one on TV (in case you haven’t caught the new Bionic Woman TV show.) Our geek-meister is carefully monitoring the cyber-science and nanotechnology.Think you might be Bionic? Test your powers as

Anybody missing Lindsay Wagner? Catch old episodes of the original Bionic Woman or watch a Sleep Number Bed commercial.

**Spoiler Alert**
The (original) Bionic Woman had a stunt woman! Rita Egleston performed all the major stunts and took all the dangerous risks. It’s about time for some Rita recognition! Check out the “Kill Oscar” episode when she fights off the deadly Fembots!!

Handy expressions you might want to borrow:

Bionic shoes – interview footwear so fabulous they guarantee the candidate a second interview.

Doing a Lindsay Wagner
–A career that goes into the toilet, but in a lucrative way.

Beyond Repair – When even a nano device implant wouldn’t improve your job and it’s time to update the old resume.

Bionic Brain Workout – You’ll never become an obsolete model if you make learning a priority. Start now: Test your vocabulary while helping end world hunger at

Mission Management – Accepting your bionic powers without letting them control your life. Set some limits.

Professional Morph-Over
– A kind of Bionic Paradigm Shift in which you re-examine your current role in your company and tackle the same old problems with a daringly different approach. Sometimes sticking it out is the best way to advance a career.

Sleeping by the numbers –Getting too comfortable in your current job.