Announcing Deb King, Director of Client Services for Kinetix Living

Date April 14, 2009

Dynamo is pleased to announce Deb King as the new Director of Client Services for Kinetix Living.

Deb will lead the Kinetix Anywhere team and help pilot them to success in this fast growing business segment. Previously, Deb worked at Nordstrom, where she was promoted to a lead, then to a trainer, and then moved to a supervisor position where she managed 50 employees. From there, she pursued a Masters Degree in Education and became a teacher before returning to the business world at eHarmony. At eHarmony, Deb was a Supervisor for the call center and QA Team, and she co-led a 100 person team there. She also helped manage vendor relationships including remote call centers in locales such as Mauritius (in the Indian Ocean) and Guatemala. Deb loves the vision for Kinetix and can’t wait to join the team!

Kinetix integrates fitness, nutrition and a support system for building and sustaining a healthy lifestyle. The support system includes access to dedicated personal professional coaches, educational programming, an effective food program and a thriving on-line community. Kinetix has developed a unique, proven solution for enterprises that want to reduce the cost of healthcare, increase the effectiveness of their workforce, motivate and retain employees, and create benefit packages that increase the productivity of recruiting new hires. Kinetix is unique in that it is an inspirational brand that helps participants with strong levels of human interaction, deep levels of connection and the motivation for participants to make the life changes that are necessary to transform their lives forever.

At Kinetix we “help you get and stay in the best shape of your life.”

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