About Chris

Chris Englin

Chris Englin has been a key player in the Pacific Northwest HR world since the early 1980s. She spent 15 years on the corporate side of the business before opening Big Wave Recruiting in 1997. Along the way, she’s helped some of the region’s most important employers grow, helped local organizations thrive and amassed one whale of a network. Chris knows just about everybody who works in Seattle-area HR, partly because she helped put many of them in one position or another. She’s a respected, insightful professional who loves her job and loves giving others the opportunity to say the same thing.

Chris has a lot to say – about the job market, about interview practices, about how a talented HR leader can make all the difference in an organization, about the dos and don’ts of job hunting, about nearly anything that she considers relevant to recruitment and HR. She is co-author and owner of Seattleexecutiverecruiting.com. In addition, check out additional posts on her HR blog at the Big Wave Water Cooler.

Living on Bainbridge Island with her husband and two boys, Chris enjoys the ultimate Northwest experience – water, trees, sports, and good wine.