40 Over 40

Three cheers for the “mature” among us!

In our own personal twist on the Puget Sound Business Journal’s “40 under forty” recognizing 40 emerging “youngsters”, we’re launching “40 over 40”. This is our special tribute to those who have turned that young energetic “potential” into reality. We’ll interview people we admire not only for their influence and accomplishments—in nonprofit, finance, technology, or science––but also because they have emerged from their experiences with integrity, style, and “gravitas”. They’re the people that inspire us –and they’re fun!

We’re not going to pretend this list is objective. 40 over 40 is based purely on our own opinions and biases and we reserve the right to pick whoever we feel like! We may be gender biased (we haven’t decided). And (as is customary in list mania) you may lobby aggressively for a coveted spot. We will consider all payola including but not limited to chocolate, all things “spa”, and all things “shoe”. (Be creative and remember: “Old age and treachery will overcome youth and skill.”)

It’s our list, so we volunteer to go first. That will buy you some time to think about your interview!